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There are over 30 dating apps in Korea.

And recently,

'A Man Da'

is probably the hottest dating app in Korea.

A Man Da(아만다) is abbreviation of a sentence, "무나 나지 않는." , 

which means, "We don't meet anybody."

A Man Da has its unique rating system, which let the members of A Man Da rate 

new applicants for their pictures and profiles.

It requires more than 3.0 out of 5.0 to be accepted as an honored(?) A Man Da members.

If you couldn't pass on your first trial, don't worry. You can try it again.

But, don't forget to change your pictures before retry, because people won't accept you as A Man Da member

if you don't look pretty on your pictures.

Once accepted as a AManDA member, it's time to judge now.

You can now rate other applicants to let them in or not.

This app introduces 2 attractive dates once a day.

You can chose one of them and send 'like' if you want to talk to her or him.

Don't disappointed even if he/she doesn't answer for your 'like', you have another chance after 24 hours.

This app is actually blamed in Korea because it makes people only pursue outer beauty.

But ,if you still want to meet pretty/handsome Korean guys and girls, you might want to try AMANDA(아만다).

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Best Dating App in Korea [AMANDA]  (16) 2016.03.21
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    광고보고 갑니다 ~~~

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    광고 꾹 하고 갑니다^^

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    광고보고가여 ㅎㅎ

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    항상 감사합니다 ^^

  10. 마루 2016.07.03 22:26

    아하 광고 꾹

  11. 마루 2016.07.03 22:26

    아하 광고 꾹

  12. 꽃제이 2016.07.04 10:27

    광고 확인!!

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